An innovation driven digital consulting house focused on delivering smart, insightful Digital Retail solutions to businesses in multiple domains.


Valoriz is a digital transformation catalyst, deeply engaged with the retail commerce domain.

Our user-centric solutions for core eCommerce and retail commerce business, extensively augmented with sales and revenue enhancement mechanisms, use the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our brilliant team of innovative minds bring forth a unique blend of domain expertise and deep understanding of cloud technologies and agile methodologies to bring you highly customizable eCommerce systems.


We believe that every line of code is a vital part of the puzzle and understands its importance in the bigger scheme. This is reflected in our culture of teamwork, openness and transparency. Every team member synergizes to create, design, develop, test, and deliver exactly what our clients want.


Building the world’s most customer-centric tech agency.


Deliver high-quality, cutting-edge & customer-centric solutions to businesses and its customers.


In 2014, a group of bright and like-minded software professionals had the spark to make a difference in the retail commerce domain and set off on their journey to start a digital house. Thus, Valoriz came into existence. Step by step, Valoriz grew, adding happy employees and delighted customers. From custom-made solutions to intuitively engineered products, we went through a real transformation. Our growth gained momentum as we added practices like Consulting, UI/UX, QA Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In 2019, we expanded by adding two new offices, one in Dubai and an additional one in Technopark, Trivandrum. Our journey with Microsoft reached a major milestone when we became a Co-sell partner in 2020.

We are forging ahead on a journey to live our vision of providing value driven Digital Commerce Solutions


A different result calls for being different

200+ man years of deep functional & technical expertise

Meaningful and empowering digital journey for stakeholders, customers and enterprises.

A trusted partner with Customer First approach

The ability to comprehend and create the best fitting technical and functional solution that answers to the business needs of the customer.

A vibrant and handpicked, high performing team who are masters of their forte.

Use of Agile Methodologies ensuring zero bottlenecks and better scalability.

Deep Knowledge and understanding of new technologies in eCommerce, cloud, artificial intelligence/machine learning, mobile applications etc.

Continual learning and improvisation on the delivery model through periodic feedback.


We bring together the brightest minds in the industry to build high quality products for the retail commerce space.

We understand that each customer is different and our products are designed to be highly modular and scalable. We work with the latest advancements in technology to provide you the best value.


We revere teamwork, recognize dedication &
reward excellence

Behind our drive,

Our Strength

We prize passion, inspire creativity, and nurture talent. Our open-door policy encourages inquisitive minds. Here learning becomes a habit.

Open and transparent


We consider every role equal and hold no hierarchy. This leads to a fun, exciting, invigorating atmosphere where anything is possible.

Strive for


We seek perfection as individuals, as a team, and accept nothing less in our products.